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Delix Club Season 1 Chapters

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 8, 2013, 2:52 PM

So Here are the Chapters of 
The Delix Club:

1. The Magical Sign of Delix: 
Delix Club: Chapter 1 The Magical Sign of Delix
Delix Club: Chapter 1 "The Magical Sign of Delix"
Since the Winx defeated the dark energy for good, everybody were just fine, but suddenly 2 Witches at Cloud Tower summon a Fairy that was defeated because she wants to get all the magic on the hole Universe; so when the Fairy called Darkia re-born, she transformed the 2 witches into shadows and now she wants all the magic for her.
So now the Winx can't  Defeat Darkia because of her Powers; so when they are defeated by Darkia, a group of young fairies go to Earth to earn a new power called Lynix, and for this they must need help of some other fairies but at least I know that my fairies will defeat the evil Darkia.
Griselda - Mistress Faragonda, something is happening outside Alfea
Faragonda - Well, Prepare all the fairies and let's go there!
Griselda - OK Mistress, LET'S GO FAIRIES
(Outside Alfea)
Winx - Magic Winx Sirenix! (Transitions)
Darkia - Ohh look at those fairies there!, they think they can beat me! The MOST POWERFUL FAIRY

2. Labyrinth of Darkness
Delix Club: Chapter 2 Labyrinth of Darkness
Delix: Chapter 2 "Labyrinth of Darkness"
The Winx were defeated by Darkia and her Shadow Witches!, so the Delix must find Merlin to earn Lynix, so With the Help of Gladys they go back in time to find his Power!...
Altair - Here we are!
Gladys - I mist go!
Claudine - It's Ok, we arrive here so you can go
Gladys - well goodbye Delix and good Luck!
(Gladys return to Alfea)
Perla - Well I think we all need new Outfits
Aria - Wow! they are beautiful!
Perla - Yeah I know! I have Talent! haha
Aude - you! such a fool :P
Altair - well now that we look awesome! we must hurry up!
Fabia - so lets divide: Altair, you with Claudine and Aude go on this side
Perla, Aria and me will go the other side.
Altair - Ok, and be careful!
(Fabia, Aria and Perla)
Aria - Look how beautiful!
Perla - What's that?
Fabia - Is that a necklace?
Aria - Yeah! is beautiful! I'm going to put it on me!
(Aria wearing the necklace)
Aria - Wow! what's happening! NO!!!!!
Aria - HAHAHAHA! I feel so powerful!, So beautiful!

3. Magical Meeteing
Delix Club: Chapter 3 Magical Meeting
The Delix Girls go to Earth and the Split in two groups, Fabia Aria and Perla get in trouble when Aria put on her an Evil Necklace but at the end the Girls turn Aria good again!
Aria – Well I think we must keep searching for anything.
Perla – Yeah, but where?
Fabia – let’s talk with the others to know if they find something.
Perla – (with her telephone) hey guys! Do you find something?
-Altair- no already.
Perla – Neither us, but we are going to a mountain, there is gonna be something.
-Altair-Ohh! No way! Hey we found a cave, but it has a magical energy so we are going to see, let’s talk later.
Perla- ok
(Altair, Claudine and Aude)
Claudine – What the... there is a magical energy inside this cave
Aude – let’s go inside to find out what is happening.
Altair – we must be careful
(They go inside the cave)
Altair - is to dark here, Shining light (Magical Spell)
Aude – Something feels not rig

4. Tears of Defeat
Delix Club: Chapter 4 Tears of Defeat.
The Delix girls find a Magical Creature named Selene and she will help the girls to find Merlin’s hiding place but at Alfea mistress Faragonda is decided to go to find the girls.
(Faragonda on Earth)
Faragonda – I hope I can find the girls before is too late.
-Griselda- (Message) Mistress, Something is happening here at Alfea.
Faragonda – But what is happening there?
-Griselda- Darkia and those horrible witches are attacking again, and here are 1st year fairies and the Winx can fight very well.
Faragonda – You must protect the fairies.
-Griselda- No! On this way, sorry mistress but we can resist more.
Faragonda – I will go as soon as I found the girls.
-Griselda- Ok, be fa........ (Connexion lost)
Faragonda – I will stop you Darkia, I will protect my students!
(Delix Club and Selene)
Aude – Selene, which are your powers?
Selene – I’m the Moon fairy Protector.
Aude – So why you are here?

5. Hit the Lights
Delix Club: Chapter 5 Hit the Lights.
CHAPTER 5: Hit the Lights
At Alfea, Darkia attacked so the Winx fight her with help of a student fairy named Nia, but she sacrificed herself to protect her friends and Alfea, Also the Delix girls finally enter to Lugiar.
Altair – it is so beautiful here, I wish I could live here forever
Aude – Yes, me too, here is every kind o magical creature: fairies, knights, unicorns, dragons, Ohh look there is a little goblin!
Claudine – I know it! Hey there is Luke
Fabia – Luke? Who is he?
Claudine – Ohh Luke, he is a friend, I went with him to Magix for the first time.
Perla – Ohh so don’t lose time, we must go to meet your Friend.
Claudine – But I don’t even know if he remembers me.
Aria – Of course he remembers you, wait your clothes are awful!
Perla – I think we must need a change of Outfits.
Altair – Yeah, but we must be dress like in old days.
Perla – I have been working on these outfits for a long time and now we

6. The Natural Friendship
Delix Club: Chapter 6 Natural Friendship.
CHAPTER 6: The Natural Friendship.
When Altair won the first competition, she told Merlin to give to her and her friends the Lynix power, but he said to wait for the others, meanwhile Aude is on her competition what is going to happen next?
Altair – Wow! This palace is amazing! I wonder who lives here.
Gwendolyn – Here is the palace of King Arthur and Merlin, is beautiful isn’t it?
Altair – Yes! And who are you?
Gwendolyn – I am a Princess here at the palace.
Arthur – Gwendolyn, are you saying awesome things about me again?
Gwendolyn – I’m just saying all that is true.
Altair – Oh King! I am Altair an Earth Fairy.
Arthur – It’s a pleasure to meet new Magical creatures, and tell me why are you here?
Altair – My friends and I must earn the Lynix power.
Arthur – The Lynix eh? That power has been kept on Merlin’s book for a long time.
Altair – Please King Arthur help us on this quest.
Arthur – I

7. The Icy Nightmare
Delix Club: Chapter 7 The Icy Nightmare.
Chapter 7: The Icy Nightmare.
Aude win the competition so she go to Lugiar to earn Lynix so in the palace Altair join Aude and an old friend;  but on the new competition, Fabia must win and she now is prepare for that big challenge.
Altair – WOW! Leon you’re here!
Leon – Ohh, Altair! Is that really you?
Altair – Yes! I am. What are you doing here?
Leon – Well I came here because I am Merlin’s nephew.
Altair – But you are young, just like me!
Leon, yes! Because a time stuff, but I came here every year to be with him.
Altair – well it doesn’t matter I’m so happy you are here.
Leon – I want to know, why are you here?
Altair – I came here with my friends to earn Lynix.
Leon – Ohh, a powerful transformation and I know why; you must defeat Darkia, right?
Altair – Yes, She destroy our school and every kind of magic will disappear if we don’t stop it.
Leon – Ohh well good luck...

8. Waves of love.
Delix Club: Chapter 8 Waves of love.
Chapter 8: Waves of Love.
Fabia win the competition and because of that Breeda, the Celestial Warrior, give to Altair, Aude and Fabia a new quest that is to find the book of Merlin. Meanwhile Claudine is getting to the place where she will need to prove that she has a lot of power to acquire Lynix.
Fabia – Aude, I’m tired! I can walk because of this dress!
Aude – Oh come on! We have to continue!
Fabia – We need help!
(Lila and Hayley appear)
Lila – Does a fairy say that needs help?
Aude – Lila! You are here.
Fabia – So good to see you again!
Hayley – You need help Fabia so we come here!
Aude – well we must keep looking for the cave.
Hayley – What cave?
Fabia – The Cave that keeps Merlin’s Book.
Lila – The Glass Prison?
Aude – What is that?
Lila – Is a cave on the high of the Mountain of Darkness, and the cave is sealed by the Gold guardian, and he protects Merlin’s book.
Fabia – Hooray

9. The Magical Sacrifice.
Delix Club: Chapter 9 The Magical Sacrifice
Chapter 9: The Magical Sacrificed.
Claudine Won the Competition like the other girls and the Winx are fighting Darkia on Magix, but at the moment Aria is preparing for the test of her life.
Bloom – Fire Rain (Power)
Tamara – Shadow Spiral (Dark Power)
Flora – Sea Wrack (power)
Tecna – Data Rain (Power)
Tamara – Dark Shield (Shield)
Darkia – Dark hole! Now Winx do you have enough?
Bloom - We are not afraid of you, we will fight until we die!
Darkia – is good to know that! Now I can destroy you and then destroy the other stupid group of fairies.
Flora – We don’t give up, and we are ready to fight you!
Nixa – But how? Your Sirenix powers aren’t enough to defeat us!
Darkia – They won’t win Nixa, don’t waste your words with the nature fairy, or she will give you a flower.
Nixa – You’re right Darkia, this fairy can’t touch me.
Flora – I have enough! Everyone thinks that I am weak, now

10. Meetings of Treason
Delix Club: Chapter 10 Meetings of Treason
Chapter 10: Meetings of Treason.
Finally the last Delix girl is going to have her test. But for this she has more help than ever! She will win.
Merlin – Hey girls! You only have to wait for your other friend and then all of you will go and find my book.
Altair – I want to ask you something.
Merlin – Yeah! What is that question my dear?
Altair – I know that is a powerful power the Lynix transformation but why do you kept it on a book?
Merlin – Because my dear, many time ago, when the magic started on Earth, there was 4 Major Magicians, Morgana: The Queen of Fairies; Marissa: The Angelical Queen; Timer: The Father of time and me, the Wizard.
Altair – So you and Morgana are one of the major wizards on earth?
Merlin – Yes, but this isn’t all, I was in love with Marissa actually we married and we have a girl, her name was Marlia, she was so beautiful, she has the magical sparkle and the celestial power. But one day a horrible creature come to

11. Rise of Darkness
Delix Club: Chapter 11 Rise of Darkness
Chapter 11: Rise of Darkness
Perla didn’t pass the test! So now the 4 Delix are going to have more work, like guessing how to enter to the Mountain of Darkness
Claudine – What the…
Altair – Girls!!! What are you doing?
Fabia – Oh, we were just ah…
Claudine – Were you sleeping?
Aude – Yes! This quest is so tired.
Suddenly a stranger person appears and he told them a dark secret.
Person – Hey, I can notice that you are lost.
Fabia – Who are you?
Person – oh, I am Mordred, and I can help you with the quest.
Claudine – Mordred eh?
Altair – What are you doing here?
Mordred – I just want to help you, if you help me with something else.
Aude – What do you want?
Mordred – I just want… let me tell you something if I help you, you have to help me ok?
Altair – ok, tell us.
Mordred – Well, to obtain Merlin’s book, you must be evil, so you can enter to the mountain of darkness,

12. The Avalon Union
Special Delix Club: Chapter 12 The Avalon Union
The girls finally obtain Lynix and then they go to Avalon on Earth to develop their new powers.
Altair – We are here on Avalon.
Aude – Yes! And now let’s do it girls!
Delix – Magic Delix Lynix!
Aria – Let’s hit it “DROP OF LIGHT”
Fabia – “Knifes of Ice” Hitting an enormous rock.
Perla – Hey girls let’s do it more interesting, the one who destroy the rock on that highest mountain will win!
Delix – OK!
Altair – What are we waiting!
Please go to YouTube and search for “Save the World” from Swedish House Mafia and listen to it when you read the next part.
Altair – We need some “STAR DUST”
Aude – And some “FLOWERS POLLEN”
Fabia – Do not forget the “ICE LIGHT”
Claudine – And the “OCEAN BREEZE!
Aria – But I’m t

13. Believe It
Delix Club: Chapter 13 Believe It
The end is coming and now the Delix are fighting Darkia and the 2 fairies and at Alfea Faragonda, Saladin, Griffin, Merlin, Arthur, Witches, Specialist and Fairies are trying to get the Winx back to normal.
Darkia – Oh no! Dark Shadows come here.
Nixa – NO! I don’t want to die.
Tamara – We can’t win this time.
Darkia – Oh No matter what if I win this I will destroy you!
Delix – Magic Ultimate Lynix Convergence.
Darkia – AHH!!!!! My powers, I’m losing them!
Nixa – What is happening?
Tamara – I can feel this Harmony feeling.
Nixa – We are coming back to normal…
A big light appears and that 2 fairies come back to normal and now they are good again, but what happen to Darkia, nobody knows that.
Altair – Where is Darkia?
Aude – I can see her!
Claudine – I will go and take those two back to Alfea.
Aria – We will stay here to look for her.
Claudine – Ok.

14. Dark horizon
Delix Club: Chapter 14 Dark Horizon
The Delix girls defeated the dark energy, but when they increase her powers, a negative energy caused that Darkia reborn again, so this is the start of the new club.
The new School year is about to begin and all the fairies are scare because no one knows if the new headmaster will be as good as Mistress Faragonda.
Naomi – Hey, may I have your attention, The new school year is about to begin so as you can notice Alfea has change a little bit and you have to wear uniforms also I have to rearrange your bedrooms because I want that all of you meet new people so please go inside so you can check the list and go to your bedrooms, you must be on the dinner room at 6:00PM so we can have the celebration of this new year.
Altair – Girls I want to be with you!
Perla – We can be together on the classroom…
Aude – We started Delix because we were different girls on a same bedroom and we want to save the world, no one can set us apart, not even

15. Dragon's Breath
Delix Club Chapter 15 DRAGON'S BREATH
After the Delix and Marlia went to Tile to search for this new Power, Marlia earn a new
power and it is the Magical Core, and this will help the Delix to find the new power.
Naomi – Girls, We have to be more comfortable here, if you have something you want to tell me I’m at my office.
Malta – I hate her!
Gladys – She is annoying.
Isa – I wish I can go with the Delix.
Sophia – I want to go to my home planet.
Anna – Well, this is our second year, we have to wait this and one more year.
Malta – I can’t, but I have to.
Gladys – Well at least the Delix are free…
When the Marlia feel this energy, the Delix and her went to the Golden Rock.
Marlia – Are you sure you want to earn this power?
Altair – Yes, We need to defeat Darkia and her new allies.
Fabia – look over there…
Aria – Is it a DRAGON?
Marlia – I know… AHHHHH
Fabia – (Whispering) I ha

16. A Hidden Power:
Delix Club Chapter 16: A HIDDEN POWER
The Delix girls along Marlia fight against Mordred, the new servant of Darkia and in there they destroyed Dragonus, the protector of the Golden Rock; when all finished Marlia had a vision that was about the Golden Rock and she discovered that if the Delix enter to the Golden Rock and go out without the Celtix Power they will lose all their powers forever.
The Girls were sitting on the edge of the Mountain when suddenly the sky turned dark, it was almost midnight and they were trying to figure how to enter to the Golden Rock.
Aria - Girls I think we must go; if we enter to that cave and if we don’t earn Celtix we will lose our powers forever and we will lose the fight against Darkia.
Fabia - No, I know this is dangerous but if we don’t earn Celtix we will lose the fight even with our Lynix powers, so I think we should enter and search the Celtix.
All the girls looked to each other and then they already know what they must do.
Altair - Well, so let

17, The New Control
Delix Club Chapter 17: THE NEW CONTROL
The girls found Celtix power in the inside of the cave so they conserve their powers but now Morgaus is planning to destroy Darkia for good to be the new Queen.
Morgaus was explaining her new plan to the girls after they fought; Morgaus was so mad that after telling them, she left the place.
Angel – Girls, I think that you must go with your friends.
Perla – He is totally right, let’s go to Magix.
Altair – We haven’t finished yet, we have to find Darkia before Morgaus.
Fabia – But she is going to destroy her and we were going to do the same.
Altair – Maybe, but now she is in danger and as a Fairy we must protect everyone that is in danger.
Perla – No! We must now defeat Morgaus.
Fabia – Altair, I think you are great but… Protecting Darkia? Really?
Altair – We have to, I know she is an evil human but she is in danger and yes, Morgaus is the evil one now so, you three go to Magix and search for

18. Enemies Eyes
Delix Club Chapter 18: ENEMIES EYES
Darkia is now helping the Delix, she told Merlin that Morgaus is acting like Marlia and is trying to defeat the Delix from the inside.
Altair and Fabia arrived to Magix and they found Aude, Aria, Claudine and Marlia but Perla wasn’t there.
Altair – So Perla isn’t here, I hope she is ok…
Aude – Don’t blame you Altair, you made what you must do.
Fabia – But we don’t try to stop her.
Claudine – You have to do an important thing…
Aria – Save Darkia, so don’t blame you two.
Altair – We should go.
Aude – Let’s come back to Constellata.
Marlia – NO! Let’s go to Alfea, we need help to defeat Morgaus…
Claudine – Alfea? You know that we were expelled from there.
Marlia – Yes, but we still need help.
Aria – She has a point.
Aude – Well let’s go to Alfea… to the new and awful Alfea…
The girls started walking to Alfea, a

19. Love is in the... Fight
Delix Club Chapter 19: LOVE IS IN THE... FIGHT
Perla is on the Realm of Sagitarium and the other girls are on Magix trying to get the right power to enter to the Realm in order they can bring back Perla.
Sagitarium – Angel, Do you have anything that can tell me why did you talk to a human?
Angel – Well, she was in…
Perla – Ok Sagitarium or whatever, I came here to tell you that It was all my fault, let me explain you, Morgaus want to destroy us so when she was about to do it Angel appeared and save my friend Altair and me.
Sagitarium – But It doesn’t matter, he spoke with a human and that is punishable by the law…
A beautiful Woman appeared at the back of Sagitarium.
Quiara – Sagitarium, My son, don’t be rude with this poor angel, he was forced to do it, to save this beautiful lady and because of that now the humans knows that they have angels that take care of them.
Sagitarium – But he doesn’t respect the rules.

20. Light in the Dark
Delix Club Chapter 20: LIGHT IN THE DARK
Kerata, the Queen of Centarion revealed to the Delix a prophecy that said that only one Delix can defeat the Darkness forever, so now they are going to confirm that prophecy.
Morgaus – Mordred, we need to do something with those stupid fairies.
Mordred – You have the powers of Marlia and you couldn’t defeat them.
Morgaus – I was fighting with the keepers of two flames…
Mordred – So that Bloom and Altair can defeat you if they work together…
Morgaus NO!
Mordred – So why did you say that?
Morgaus – Because they are strong fairies.
Mordred – I have a plan, let’s control Bloom…
Morgaus – The useless of Darkia made that and those fairies bring Bloom and her friends back to normal.
Mordred – What are you thinking?
Morgaus – After leaving Alfea, I notice that the new fairies left the school; maybe we can attack Alfea, and destroy it.
Mordred – We can’t, do tha

21. Dark Army
Delix Club Chapter 21: DARK ARMY
The Delix fought Mordred and they destroyed him; Morgaus angry with the death of his partner, planned to attack Alfea to destroy the fairies.
Morgaus – Those fairies will pay… now I have to do this spell and everything is going to be PERFECT! And when I have made all my army I’m going to destroy everything including Alfea so the Delix can’t get help.
Suddenly a massage appeared in front of the pot in which Morgaus was making the spell.
Darkia – Morgaus, you must stop all of this.
Morgaus – Oh look who is this witch, I thought you were at Lugiar, now that you are the good one.
Darkia – No! I’m evil but at least I know when I am defeated so stop all of this before it’s too late.
Morgaus – No! I will destroy the fairies that killed Mordred.
Darkia – You will not, I’m going to help them to defeat you witch.
Morgaus – You are going to pay too.
Darkia – I’m going to do this becaus

22. The Sunset
Delix Club Chapter 22: THE SUNSET
Morgaus made a big army that attacked Alfea and the fairies, but before she was going to destroy the Delix, something magical happened making them stronger.
Altair – Morgaus, I have to tell you something… We are friends and we are stronger when we are together.
Morgaus – Not this time, this army was made with all the essence of darkness so you can destroy them with that powers you have.
Claudine – Maybe, but at least we can send them to the Omega dimension.
Morgaus – No!
Aria – Well, you don’t have anywhere to run or hide.
Morgaus – And why do I need to hide, I want to destroy all of you.
Perla – Oh girl! We always win, Darkia… Mordred… you are the only one left.
Morgaus – No!
The monsters started to attack the Delix; some of them continue their way to Alfea so Perla and Altair ran after them to stop them before they enter to Alfea.
Perla – Altair, let’s go.
Altair – We n

23. The Mirror of Truth
Delix Club Chapter 23: THE MIRROR OF TRUTH
The girls fought against Morgaus and her evil army, but Altair and Perla with the help of the Winx defeated all the monsters and saved Alfea, but the other part of the Delix club, lost their powers by trying to stop Morgaus forever.
Fabia – So we are here… in Icix!
Claudine – The Air is so frosty.
Altair – I can’t feel my hands.
Fabia – Come on girls! It’s amazing this weather.
Aria – You should have told us that we need to bring warm clothes, I can’t even MOVE!
Perla – Don’t worry my friends! I have something for all of us!
Perla took out some sketches from her bag and she transformed them into real clothes.
Aude – YES! Finally I feel something warm!
Fabia – Ok, now that you we have this winter clothes, let’s put us on our way to the Royal Palace.
Altair – Ok! HERE WE GO!
The six fairies took a long way to arrive to the Palace, after some hours the girls finally a

24. The Key of Power
Delix Club Chapter 24: THE KEY OF POWER
Altair and Perla went to Pixie Village to find a pixie to bond with them, and at Icix the frozen home planet of Fabia, the other 4 girls were on a challenge to obtain a new source of magic that can recover their powers.
Altair – How wonderful it’s the Pixie Village.
Perla – I know.
Chatta – Pixies, WE HAVE VISITORS!
Amore – OH!!
Altair – Hi little friends.
Digit – Hello!
Perla – Ok, we are here because we are looking pixies to bond.
Altair – So I know we must feel that energy with a pixie but maybe you can help us to find our pixie.
Amore – YES!
Chatta – I’m going to call every pixie in here.
Tune – Ok Ladies! First you must act like a real fairy, so stand up straight, and be kind and don’t make me get MAD!
Altair – Wait a second…
Perla – What?
Altair – I think I saw my pixie…
Both of them look at the highest tree and in there a little pixie w

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