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April 14, 2013
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The Delix girls defeated the dark energy, but when they increase her powers, a negative energy caused that Darkia reborn again, so this is the start of the new club.

The new School year is about to begin and all the fairies are scare because no one knows if the new headmaster will be as good as Mistress Faragonda.

Naomi – Hey, may I have your attention, The new school year is about to begin so as you can notice Alfea has change a little bit and you have to wear uniforms also I have to rearrange your bedrooms because I want that all of you meet new people so please go inside so you can check the list and go to your bedrooms, you must be on the dinner room at 6:00PM so we can have the celebration of this new year.
Altair – Girls I want to be with you!
Perla – We can be together on the classroom…
Aude – We started Delix because we were different girls on a same bedroom and we want to save the world, no one can set us apart, not even this new headmaster.
Claudine – So what are we going to do?
Fabia – Let’s talk to her, maybe she is a good person and change us again.
Aria – Really? She is annoying…
Altair – look! I’m with Galatea and Roxy…
Aude – Well I am with girls I don’t even know they are here…
Fabia – Well, let’s go with the new headmaster…
Claudine – Yes!
Fabia – ok…
When the Delix girls arrive to the head master office.
Naomi – What do you want girls?
Aria – Well… we… want…
Altair – We want to know if we can stay together, because we are a club and we started together and this thing of divide us is awful…
Naomi – Well my girls, if you don’t want to be on the rooms I put you then, leave Alfea.
Aude – What? Are you kicking us out?
Naomi – Well if you don’t want to follow my rules, you must go…
Aude – Well if you don’t let us stay together, we are leaving Alfea forever…
Fabia – But we only have first year…
Claudine – Well we must go.
Altair – And you know, It’s incredible you are like a witch.
Naomi – That’s because I’m a WITCH! All my family are witches including Faragonda, but she found the same light I found so I’m in process to become a really fairy ok?
Marlia – Girls, I want to go with you… Can I?
Altair – Yes, let’s go…
The Delix and Marlia leave Alfea so they are mad and they don’t have any place to stay so they are going to Constellata.
Leah – GIRLS! Great to see you and who are you?
Marlia – I’m Marlia daughter of Merlin…
Leah – Ok, I’m glad to meet you, so girls did you leave Alfea?
Altair – Yes, because the new headmaster is horrible.
Aude – yes.
Leah – But this is your second year, what are you going to do?
Perla – We don’t know but the one that have to decide is Marlia, this is her first year so…
Marlia – I want to be with Faragonda not with this Naomi.
Leah – Ok girls, your bedroom is next to the second door of the 4th floor so take your things with you and look around.
Altair – Ok.
When they put their things on their bedroom, they start to talk about what they did on summer.
Aude – So Altair is your turn, we already know that Fabia swim a lot and that Claudine met this great guy so tell us what happened this summer.
Altair – ok ok, well one day I was here at the palace when suddenly Leah told me that she was going to take me to a beautiful place, so when we arrived… Leon was there, holding roses and riding a horse, so he told me to go with him and I accepted…
Claudine – After he cheated you?
Altair – He doesn’t… but well, when we arrived to the fabulous river, he asked me to be her girlfriend so I tell him yes…
Aude – No way!!!
Fabia – Tell us more, Tell us more…
Altair – So we go into the water and started to swim but I cut my feet with a rock so Leon went to save me but he started to sink so I save him.
Perla – hahaha, so cute.
Aria – So now you have a boyfriend.
Fabia – And where is he now?
Altair – He is now at Red Fountain he is training to be a specialist.
Claudine – Well, I don’t like him.
Aude – No way! Actually Mathew is training as well on Red Fountain to be a specialist.
Perla – Mathew? I think we have other person that is in love…
Aude – Yes, I like him but he hasn’t told me anything so maybe I don’t like him…
Altair – Don’t worry, if he loves you he will do anything to let you know that.
Aude – You are right.
Marlia – Girls, my mom said that my father wants to see us.
Altair – are you sure?
Marlia - ¬¬… Yes I’m 100% sure.
Altair – Ok.
The Delix and Marlia arrive to Lugiar.
Merlin – Girls, thank god you arrive.
Perla – What happen?
Marissa – I’m Afraid that Darkia has reborn.
Fabia – Humm… You where Darkia…
Marissa – Yes I was, but I think that when you destroy the negative part of me, this energy stayed between dimensions so a positive energy released her so now she is more powerful.
Altair – How can we trust you, maybe you are lying to us because you are still Darkia…
Marissa – Because I am Darkia, Marlia wouldn’t be here.
Fabia – She is saying the truth.
Aude – So what can we do?
Marlin – You are the ones that have the power to stop her, but you must stay together, she now has new allies: Mordred and Morgaus.
Aria – We can handle them.
Faragonda – Merlin, can you come here?
Delix – Mistress Faragonda!
Faragonda – Girls, I’m glad to see you, tell me, do you feel good with the new headmaster?
Marlia – No, actually all of us left Alfea.
Perla – Because she is annoying and she thinks that because she is the headmaster she can change the whole history of Alfea…
Faragonda – Well, I’m going to talk later with Naomi, now we must hurry, Darkia has new powers as well as her new allies, and this new power is the Celtic Heart…
Merlin – But how did she obtain it?
Faragonda – I don’t know but you girls must defeat her.
Marissa – The Celtic Heart is too powerful; they can’t defeat her with Lynix powers.
Merlin – But there are no other power… that can defeat her.
Marissa – Actually, there is one and is the Celtix, and right now Darkia has it, but you girls can earn it.
Merlin – No, there is no Celtix transformation, the Celtic Heart is the only thing that exist.
Marissa – no, look, many years ago, when I was Queen of the skies, I found the Celtic Heart, but I don’t know that was the heart, so I did and experiment with the heart, with the help of the Celestial Fairies I transform part of that energy into dust and this dust is the same dust that has all the Celestial Fairies, so if the Celestial fairies transform that dust into energy, they will create the Celtix.
Faragonda – So, Call your Celestial Fairies.
Marissa – You can’t earn the Celtix so simple, Right now, the Celestial Fairies are giving that energy to the people you love the most, so the person will give you a quest and you must complete it to get Celtix.
Merlin – But how can they know which is the person?
Marissa – Because they are now at the Island of Tile, in there you must find the Golden rock and in there is a cave so your special person will be holding for you in there, so go now to search that person.
Delix – Ok, let’s go.
Marlia – And, what I am going to do?
Merlin – My daughter, we don’t have time, you must go with them.
Altair – Are you sure? She doesn’t know how to use her powers so?
Marissa – She will help you on this quest.
Aude – Ok, so let’s go everyone.
Delix – “Gate to Tile”
The Delix and Marlia arrive to Tile so now they must find the way to earn Celtix.
Marlia – Now we are here, so what are we searching?
Aude – Marissa said that we must look for the Golden Rock.
Perla – but with these old clothes we can’t walk, so take these new clothes: “Fashion Light”
Perla create new warrior outfits, so now everyone is ready to search for the Golden Rock.
Altair – Cool, they are great.
Aude – And lighter than the others.
Marlia – So why don’t we make two groups?
Aria – I think we need to stay together, because Darkia can be here.
Marlia – Ok, so…
Altair – So we must fly, so we can search for the Golden Rock.
Delix – Magic Delix-Lynix.
Marlia – “Earth Fairy”
Aude – Now that we all transformed, let’s go.
The girls starts to fly around the place but no one can find the Golden Rock until…
Perla – Girls, look something is shining on that way.
Marlia – I don’t see anything…
Altair – It’s over there, let’s go.
Marlia – But girls, Hey down there, a bright light is shining… I must go over there…
Aude – No! It can be a trap.
Marlia – I don’t care, I need to know what is down there.
Marlia, go to the place and she finds a bright shiny light.
Marlia – What is it? No WAY!
Aude – Marlia – Are you ok?
Fabia – Oh my god? What happened to you?
Marlia – Why?
Aria – Because you have lights everywhere, look: “Water Reflection”
Marlia – Oh! I have colours; well actually I feel this strange power inside me…
Perla – Hey! I know this energy…
Marlia – energy?
Perla – Yes, I know this power is the Magical Core energy.
Altair – Magical Core?
Perla – Yes, It’s all the magic that is concentrated on lights.
Marlia – So this is my new power?
Aude – yes.
Marlia – Wait, I can see the Golden Rock.
Aria – But, where?
Marlia – It was like a vision, but I think I can get you there.
Fabia – Ok, so let’s go.

PREVIEW OF THE NEXT CHAPTER: The next chapter the girls will find the Golden Cave but unfortunately a Dragon destroyed the cave so can the Delix find another way to get this new power?
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Improve your grammar 
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OMG! you named the new headmisstress with the same name as me! Naomi is a very unsual name and not many people are called Naomi
DragonShinyFlame Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really? well actually I know many people named Naomi XD!
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Maybe it's uncommon only in New Zealand
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Feraganda was a Fariy not a witch
Crystal-Enchanted Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She was a witch like Griffin yet she later became a hybrid fairy (similar to Mirta). Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin were part of the Company of Light that protected Domino along with Oritel and Marion, Bloom's parents. However the Company was dissolved when the Ancestral Witches destroyed Domino. Faragonda then became the Headmistress of Alfea.
DragonShinyFlame Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
actually no! Faragonda was a witch but then she transform her magic to a good one!... so...
Crystal-Enchanted Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
She was a witch like Griffin yet she later became a hybrid fairy (similar to Mirta). Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin were part of the Company of Light that protected Domino along with Oritel and Marion, Bloom's parents. However the Company was dissolved when the Ancestral Witches destroyed Domino. Faragonda then became the Headmistress of Alfea.
DragonShinyFlame Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow you really know about this! XD
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